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SliDeRulE (Safety in Design Risk Evaluator) assists building designers with assessing the construction safety risk associated with their designs. Use SliDeRulE for buildings to:
1) Determine the level of safety risk associated with an entire building, a specific building system, or each of the many design features within a building
2) Compare prospective designs based on construction safety risk
3) Learn about design features that increase and decrease the risk of injury

1600+ PtD list compiled by Alan Speegle (The Southern Company). Note: This spreadsheet is most helpful for process (i.e., industrial) construction. The attached file was posted 12/14/11. Please discard the previous version posted.

NIOSH Preventing Falls through the Design of Roof Parapets guidance.

Construction Workplace Design Solutions
developed by the OSHA Alliance Program’s Construction Roundtable
Falls From Roof Edge
Falls From Floor Openings
Falls From Non-Moving Vehicles
Roof Hatch Access and Hole Protection
Specify Non-Fragile Skylights and/or Skylight Guards
Specify Sufficient Wall Height to Allow Parapets to Function as Fall Prevention
Falls from Ladders
Roof Anchors
Structural Steel--Construction Loads
Structural Steel--Beams and Columns
Structural Steel--Unloading Flatbeds
Workplace Design Solution Industrial Large Duct


Presentation by Bucknell University Professor Mike Toole at Quandel Construction workshop in Harrisburg, PA on November 1, 2013.

Presentation by Bucknell University Professor Mike Toole at the PA COAA conference at Penn State on September 12, 2013.

Presentation files from the session entitled “Prevention through Design:  Construction Safety” presented at the 2012 annual meeting of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

  • Presentation by Oregon State University Professor John Gambatese
  • Presentation by URS Senior Vice President Brad Giles
  • Presentation by BHP Billiton Principal Engineer Eli Bintner (and opening slides by Moderator Mike Toole)

2-4 Hour DfCS Presentation [PPSX format} [PDF format]

Safe Design and Communication an excellent presentation file created by Scott Brownrigg, a leading architectural firm headquartered in the UK

Designing for Construction Safety and Health: From Research to Practice plenary presentation at the 2009 CIB W099 conference

Industry’s Perspective of Design for Safety Regulations presented at the 2009 CIB W099 conference

Safety by Design presented at the 2009 North American Steel Construction Conference

Prevention of Fall Fatalities and Injuries in Construction developed by the Construction Roundtable on September 22, 2008. (spanish version) [PPSX format] [PDF format]

Steel Educational Module developed by Bucknell University for NIOSH (10 meg file)

Owner's Role in Facilitating Prevention through Design, presented at the 2011 NIOSH PtD Symposium, Washington, DC, August 23.

Online Articles and other Documents:

Two-page overview of the DfCS/PtD concept.

PtD articles from the special edition of the Journal of Safety Research, April 2008

Behm, M. & Culvenor, J. (2011). "Safe Design in Construction: Perceptions of Engineers in Western Australia", J Health& Safety Research & Practice, 3(1), 9-32

Behm, M., T. Kramer and K. Messer (2008). “Enhancing Safety Before Breaking Ground.” Occupational Safety and Health, March.

Singapore's DfS guidelines (2009).

Western Australia's Safe Design Code of Practice (2008)

Langan, Edel (2009). "Construction: Blueprint for action".

Bibliography (out of date)

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