News and Updates:


The OSHA Construction Alliance Roundtable has created materials for a short course on Designing for Construction Safety. A slide deck, student manual and instructor manual can be downloaded here.

A very thorough bibliography has been compiled by Dr. Nicholas Tymvios at UNCC and is posted on the Resources page.

PtD has been added to the LEED rating system! You can earn professional continuing education credits by completing an online module.

The need for PtD in civil engineering curricula will be the focus of a presentation at the American Society for Engineering Education annual conference.

PtD was the focus of a recent webinar associated with the American Bar Association Forum on Hot Topics in Construction Law.

An ANSI A10 Prevention through Design Workgroup has been formed, with the goal of producing a PtD in Construction Technical Report. The workgroup is being chaired by Mike McCullion at SMACNA.

NIOSH released a report on the State of the National (NIOSH) Initiative on Prevention through Design

"Means and methods" continue to be misunderstood. Read why PtD does not conflict with typical contractual references to means and methods.

Read actions that owner organizations should take to effectively implement DfCS on their projects (revised Jan. 2014).

Researchers at Oregon State University have created a tool to "Determine the level of safety risk associated with an entire building, a specific building system, or each of the many design features within a building.


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